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Day- Whenever!?!!

So, new goal tomorrow: become this dog.

I'll just leave this here...

I’ll just leave this here…

But really I’ve slowly been mentally and physically able to prepare myself for what I know is going to be a serious challenge. I’m going to take all the knowledge I’ve gained in two weeks of strict paleo dieting, combine this with some serious weight training in my effort to reach a new level of fitness at least for me. I was able to take advantage of a free personal training session which gave me a layout of all the different exercises I would need to stay lean, but also build strength drastically. I’ll attempt to take a picture and upload it as a way to chart my progress.

On top of that I’ve been attempting to work in at least an hour a day twice a week just for stretching. Luckily my school offers Yoga classes for a reasonable price[$0.00. Ha ha]. So if I’m lucky enough to register on time I can grab a spot in the relatively limited group fitness class. But, hey! it’s Yoga for free! So, having to register way in advance is one caveat I do not mind. Especially with something that is as beneficial to the body and mind as Yoga can be. At least in my opinion. 🙂

So before starting this workout plan I decided to get an opinion from my doctor. She prescribed me some new medication because, we’ll if you haven’t realized it yet I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. She made sure I was aware I would need to monitor my blood sugar levels frequently in order to stay healthy. Having done all that. It’s my intention to start this thing first thing tomorrow. Beginning with what I first eat; to my last exercise of the day.




I needed to see this today.

Day 14 – Half-Time

So this is Half-Time. I’m doing this Paleo Diet for 30 days, and seeing whether or not it’s something I want to do permanently. Here’s where the coach would make some sappy speech about giving it all you got, two things: I don’t have a coach, and I always give my all. (Even on Mondays.)


It’s hard to notice the 10 Pound difference from my Day 1 Post, but here’s me at 170.

With that said I would like to take a moment and remember all the poor defenseless fruits and vegetables who gave their lives so that I could eat them… It has been the longest two weeks of my life. I had one drunken slip up that I immediately confessed to the next morning. (I have a weakness for cake, even the ones out of a box.) I didn’t let it stop me from staying on track, instead it strengthened my resolve. Since cutting out grains I’ve seen my waist line shrink, and definitely more definition in my core. Considering my workout routine was almost identical to what I’ve always done I think I can attribute the 10 pounds I lost these last two weeks to the diet change. Most of my meals consisted of the foundations of the P??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????aleo Pyramid things like: Nuts, Meats, Vegetables, Fruits (in moderation), and Dark Chocolate (not in moderation ha ha). I’m kidding of course, it seems the change helped curb my sweet tooth as well. Which; as a diabetic is probably the most beneficial aspect of this diet. Honestly… I got pretty creative with my meals, although I’m sure that to most of my Instagram followers it all looked the same.

When you can only eat certain things creativity is key! I found myself combining herbs, and spices I never thought would work well together like cayenne, cinnamon, and black pepper sprinkled onto sweet potatoes, sausage, and kale greens. Also I’m a huge advocate of eating breakfast foods at all times during the day so I didn’t shy away from turkey bacon, and eggs for dinner every now and then. Fruits and nuts were clutch in times when I couldn’t prepare a meal, without them I would have been way too hungry to function normally in society.

Smile. If nothing else it's a great way to start the day!

Smile. If nothing else it’s a great way to start the day!

I must have ate nearly 6 pounds worth of Apples, and probably half that amount in Bananas since I began. If you’ve never had fruits and agave together you have not truly experienced a fruit salad. Now that I’ve seemed to have a handle on “What is Paleo?” and what is not? I’m looking forward to inventing and trying some fantastic recipes. Well that and working out and getting absolutely ripped.



Digital Media Project: Reflections of a Quiet Man…

I took a gamble on myself when approaching a potential career path. That’s because in a world where there is no shortage of people looking for an easy way to lose weight and be healthy there are few who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. Only time will tell if the gamble has payed off.  (I know it will). I fully intend to take the advice of my classmates and include workout videos and Paleo friendly recipes. Still I want to make sure I don’t show someone the wrong way to do things so I’ll be sure to do extensive research and practice to perfection. I like my blog. I feel it has a bit of my personality at the heart of every post including even the lesser quality ones… However, it is not by any means perfect if I could go back with the knowledge I now have I certainly would do things differently or at the very least make it easier for me to accomplish some of my goals quicker. From a purely objective standpoint I think my blog screams “newcomer”.

I’m going to experiment further with detailing meals and workout plans. While I am familiar with a different variety of exercises what led to my hesitance was my relative inexperience with dieting. I certainly didn’t want to be giving out false or inaccurate information. Keeping with the topic of change I certainly made sure to add a more intriguing (perhaps brighter) imagery, removing the blurry header, and working on making the text standout from the background. Readability was key in my improvements. How was I to make a difference in any ones lives if they can’t read what I’m writing?



Writing about such a difficult topic as fitness and motivation proved to be a huge challenge. I gambled my grade on the mere assumption that I would be able to write successfully about eating healthy, and staying positive. Easier said than done. I am proud to say that having been the Paleolithic Diet for almost two weeks I show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In fact I learned that in writing for this blog I seemed to have gained more courage, confidence, and determination. Not only in my writing, but also in myself. If I had more time to write for this project I would continue to evolve my blog into my own. Slowly, but surely applying the things I have come to know through our readings as aspects of successful blogging.

Thanks for reading.


Youtube. Ever heard of it?

Unless you have been living under a rock since it’s founding in 2005 it is very likely that you may have seen at least one YouTube video in your lifetime.  Come to think of it I’m not really sure how I watched videos over the web before 2005. Which leads me to wonder where would the world be without YouTube in our lives. Technology is amazing through YouTube users were able to upload and view an unlimited number of videos. Even going as far as creating a community of amateur directors, bloggers, and jokers.

Over time this community turned a simple website video hosting service into a billion dollar investment which encourages users to discuss as well as create new and unique content. Anyone can create a video, but not everyone can become a YouTube sensation. I was informed that a nice addition to my blog might be some how-to videos of some of the workouts I incorporate into my daily regimens. Of course this would require a bit of an investment of time and effort, and perhaps of monetary value on my part. However, the reward would be well worth the risk. Until I get that portion of my blog started here is a taste of what can be expected. Minus the high production value of course. Ha ha.


Faith in humanity restored (Video)

Beautiful. With a capital “B”.

If everything “old” is new, what do we call the “new”?

Apparently John Grohl was none to happy with the direction that Meg Hourihan was headed in her discussion of Weblogs. He thought Hourihans generalization of Blogs and how we use them was comparable to learning of historical events without understanding the actions leading up to the event in question. Grohl states “talking about one component of the Internet — in this case, blogs — without understanding the context of what came before makes for a less complete understanding.”. He then argues that much of what Hourihan explained made Blogs and their Bloggers unique could be juxtaposed by merely substituting an old argument for a new one. Citing Usenet as an example of what would occur to blogging given enough time in the hands of the general public. Usenet was at the time a huge web based system which allowed it users to share information via servers and client hosting.

So True.

So True.

I would like to think of Grohls response as that of a typical educated individual. Rather than be content with merely attacking Hourihan and her article on what blogging is Grohls provides valid arguments against some of her key points elaborating further on his belief that blogging is not as unique as some would think. A reader and fellow blogger as myself could learn a lesson from his analysis and dissection of her argument when thinking of blogging in response to articles in the future. Furthermore Grohl poses a valid point that online communication existed long before Blogs did, and as such will likely continue long after they fade from the spotlight. This does not make them any less important. Who knows? Maybe one day in the far future a class will be taught on “The History of Blogs.”.

Is blogging dead? Let’s punch it. *punch*


For a medium that apparently lost it’s steam sometime in the early 2000’s. When we fast forward to 2013 the options for prospective Bloggers to write and publish their own words appear to be infinite. John M. Grohl indicated in his post ” Psychology of Blogs (Weblogs)” since 1998 the use of Blogs have grown exponentially. Keep in mind this article was written in 2002. Since first beginning to use WordPress in early August I have stumbled upon numerous other websites including but not limited to Weebly, Live Journal, Tumblr, Blogger, and etc. This leaves me with the conclusion that blogging is not dead. No. Blogs are diverse, and constantly changing with the times giving its Blogger the opportunity to grow and evolve with it.

Why are Blogs important? Well it could be argued that a Blog is really only as important as the people who follow deem it to be. Audience is everything. Is the Blogger writing for their own personal reflections? or is the audience intended to be on a grander scale? The difficulty lies not in finding a Blog to read, but rather in finding one worth reading. That’s the dilemma isn’t it? What set’s my Blog apart from others? If what Grohl says is to be believed then it is up to me (the Blogger) to find my niche among the millions of other Bloggers striving to make a difference. He offers great tips such as brevity, adding humor to unexpected situations, going above the standard quality of work, and maybe a bit of great timing. Ultimately it’s likely an appropriate combination of all the aforementioned approaches which garner the most success.

However, in the end we need to let go of the shackles that bound each of us as writers, and embrace the randomness that is life. Anyone can post bits of news/information, but few still can turn those tidbits into something much more… A Blog.

Rebecca Bloods’: Weblogs. We. Blog.

It’s hard to believe that something as common as blogging began as nothing more than a group of individuals determined to filter out all the junk that inhabits the world wide web from the things that truly matter. Like what someones cat had for breakfast… No, but seriously in a time when the world was just beginning to understand the limitless capabilities offered by the internet. Pioneers like James Garrett and Peter Merholz paved the way for modern day bloggers by shedding light on the relevancy and usefulness of some of the worlds most popular blogs. (At least at that time.) Once the world began to see blogging less as a fad and more of a trend; basic HTML became common knowledge making it easier for the general populace to access and create their own unique blogs.

Don't hate the playa. Hate the game.

Don’t hate the playa. Hate the game.

Initially these Web-logs were little more than a collection of articles by a wide range of amateur and professional writers. It didn’t take long for the Web-logs to gain popularity even earning the right to a new moniker coined by Peter Merholz as a “blog” and those who write them as “bloggers”. This community of bloggers grew to become something of a phenomenon. One blog could start and within a matter of days, even hours it could have anywhere from a small handful of followers to hundreds depending on several factors. Including but not limited to: Content of the blog, frequency of postings, and intention just to name a few.

In other words in order to maintain it’s current importance to society, blogs need to evolve with the times. As it becomes easier and easier for those around us to become distracted with the trappings of modern technology it’s up to us as writers to fight for the attention of our audience.

Day 3 – Update

Two things: I’m alive and I feel better than ever. I mean my neck is really stiff, but that’s just from entertaining the ladies. Am I right?? *holds hand up for high five* No takers? Fine. Ha ha.  My second day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At least in the context of exercise.  I just did some walking around campus, and some light stretching before bed. One of my roommates works at Whole Foods and they were having a Soft Opening for Friends and Family to do some shopping before the grand opening. He invited us to come check out their selection of organic fresh produce, and niche groceries. I was like a kid in a proverbial candy store, but I am on a budget so I had to fight the urge to splurge (look out because I like to rhyme). The real test came when we passed the baked goods area where things like $.99 cent snickerdoodle cookies and freshly baked s’mores pies abound. It didn’t help that halfway through the section we had to clear the building due to a fire-alarm going off. Leaving me to weigh the pro’s and con’s (as well as various methods of secretly eating the cookies so my roommates wouldn’t notice) the entire time we were outside. Probably sensing my weakness, my roommate Oscar encouraged me by explaining we would be back on our cheat day to divulge in my sweet tooth. So with that in mind I held strong leaving the store with nothing but the essentials I would need to survive. The rest of the day went swimmingly. Except for that annoying parking ticket I got -_-. I was able to end day two on a high note having not only resisted temptation, but still managing to challenge myself intellectually, and physically.

Theme of the day!! Sweet Potatoes. ;)

Super food of the day? Sweet Potatoes, for the Win!

As for Day 3 I woke up at 7 am this time so I could eat some food before I left home to save the world. I had TWO Fuji Apples because… well have you had Fuji Apples? They are redonkulous!! (look it up.) Also since starting The Paleo Diet my blood sugar has been fantastic, and my sweet tooth is on a little vacation. Which means no more raiding the break room for some sweet, sweet sugary treats. Someone even brought in some cookies from Subway today. Normally I would be like “free cookies! let me at ’em”, but I went straight for my apple in the fridge. Oscar gave me a high five because of that. Ha ha. When I got off work I managed to convince the aforementioned high five distributor to run stadiums with me. It was such a beautiful day outside today, a cool 65° with not a cloud in the sky & the sun hanging high overhead. It didn’t take much for me to get him in the car to drive us there.

Running Stadiums, which believe me when I tell you are not for the feint of heart. Take a huge toll on your legs. If your hamstrings don’t feel like Jelly after the second or third time you make a lap you’re doing it wrong. That or you have legs of steel. 🙂 We must have been out there for almost an

Nom, Nom, Nom.

Nom, Nom, Nom.

hour because the sun was still out when we arrived, but by the time we started our cool down and stretch the evening chill had begun to set in. I was starving when we got home, thank god I didn’t walk to the stadium. Your body is made in the kitchen, never forget that. So I decided to give mine some much needed nourishment. I seasoned some chicken with a variety of spices including but not limited to black pepper, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, and a dash of salt. Toss in some kale greens, nuts, and carrots and you got yourself a nice little healthy dish.

Finished up the day learning some new chord progressions on my guitar in between reading  for my rhetoric class, and working on some poetry. All in all a great way to end a fantastic day. Thanks for reading. Stay classy people. 😉

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